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Residential Exterior

Exterior Painting & decoration


We do all kinds of exterior work from preping the walls with a good powerwash, to painting and staining wood, masonary,dashing and any other surface you can think of. If you need it washed, painted, stained, or just touched up, we can do it!

  • Eaves

  • Doors

  • Garage doors

  • Gates

  • Patios, decks

  • Masonary walls

​​.  Insulation coatings

  •  Dashing

  •  Sills

  •  Anti-graffiti coatings

  •  Wood siding

House Exterior Painting


All exterior wood needs to be protected from moss, rotting, mildew, water absorption, and u-v rays.  One of the main problems with wood finishes is over application of stain or paint.  We can fix these problems with cleaning, stripping and sealing all types of exterior wood.  Since most timber needs to breathe we have been using micro porous water based, quick drying stain and varnish which resist cracks, peeling and fading.


Paint preparation is a vital step that must be taken before any painting job whether it is exterior or interior painting.  This ensures that your paint job not only looks great but will retain its great look for years to come.  We would remove any moss or mould, wash, remove any loose paint to a smooth surface, seal and fill imperfections before painting.



If you are need any detailed information regarding commercial or residential painting, feel free to get in touch with our executives.

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